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Scuba Diving BCD Maintenance

The BCD may seem to be a relatively simple thing that we constantly rely on but in reality it is a incredibly complex piece of equipment when you take into the number of mechanisms and features that are crammed into them these days. It is also the piece of kit that is probably most neglected when it comes to maintenance. Honestly, how many of us have their BCD serviced every year or even as often as their regulators? I have been a equipment technician for a good few years now and it still amazes me at the state that some customers let their BCDs get into before bringing it in for a serious overhaul.

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Scuba Diving Regulator Maintenance

The regulator is the most important part of your scuba diving kit. After all, it only provides you with the air you breathe. So it’s important to take care of your reg and keep it properly maintained. Here are some tips to make sure your regulator is safe and ready to dive.

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A Deep Dive Into New Scuba Tech

The right diving gear makes all the difference. Here’s what’s trending in underwater technologies.

Scuba divers always have relied on gear that lets the essentially fragile, air-dependent human body descend into oceanic depths. While air tanks, regulators, buoyancy control devices and dive computers have been around for years, digital technologies are altering how they function, how they’re used, and how well they work.

Taking the Plunge
One recent innovation is iGills, a system that with an app and a waterproof case turns an iPhone into a dive computer.


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