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3 Tips for Diving Nitrox Safely

Diving with Nitrox has brought divers many benefits over the years including longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, longer repetitive dives, and much more. However, with the good, comes the bad… often followed by the ugly. Nitrox has depth limitations because it increases the risk of oxygen toxicity, among other issues. It is a common misconception that Nitrox benefits deep divers during the dive.

The best way to prepare and plan is to follow three core tips when diving Nitrox.

  • Analyze
  • Label
  • Set Computer

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Practical Guide To Nitrox Diving

On today’s dive boats, you’d be hard-pressed not to see one or two of the telltale green and yellow tanks that announce the presence of nitrox, or oxygen-enriched air, which has been used in recreational diving for nearly 25 years. Every major training agency has a nitrox training program in one form or another. But is it right for you? As with anything in diving, there are no absolutes when diving nitrox. Really, this gas is just like everything else in a diver’s bag of gear and knowledge–a tool that can be effective when used properly and dangerous when not. We’ll explore what nitrox is, what the risks are and what its practical uses are for the everyday diver.

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