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Wreck Diving in Greece: Top 10 Wrecks you Should Dive(pics)

Diving in Greece can satisfy even the most experienced of divers.Most diving destinations around the world offer an opportunity to explore marine nature. In Greece, diving also offers a look into modern history.From the Gulf of Evia to the Saronic Gulf, both close to Athens, and the Ionian Sea in western Greece, to the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, Greece’s seabed is a vast museum of modern wrecks. Offering more than just rusted metal sheets, each wreck carries its own unique history.

Fighter planes that once tore through the skies, World War II naval submarines and destroyers that engaged in major battles, cargo and passenger ships that sailed the seas, lie sunken and preserved in good condition following their inglorious ends. Plunging into the waters and counting the meters is like counting the decades backwards until you reach these sunken ships and planes.

Kostas Thoktaridis, a diver and explorer of naval history, estimates that the number of contemporary-era wrecks in Greece amount to roughly 1,500. Of these, some 500 may be explored and attract divers, from beginners to advanced, from all over the world. If this is your sport, get your wet suit, mask, and flippers ready and fill your tanks with oxygen, or visit one of the many certified diving centers operating in Greece for an introduction, with the help of experienced instructors, into the magic of wreck diving. Even during the winter months, the weather is usually appropriate, the waters are clear, and the water temperature is pleasant.

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5 Tips For Wreck Diving

Shipwrecks evoke feelings of nostalgia and awe in divers, but until you’ve dived one, it’s difficult to imagine. Here we take you step-by-step through the techniques you need for successful wreck diving.

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